Our Services

Projects of all shapes and sizes add charm and excitement to our routine! Whether maintaining condominiums Downtown, Montreal or renovating high end Westmount kitchens…we put our heart into our work. By using carefully selected sub-trades, we ensure delivery of unwavering quality and maintain high levels of cleanliness and professionalism. We firmly believe that regular, effective communication is a staple that is a necessity to have any job run smoothly.

We specialize in three different categories of work: Building maintenance, Renovations and Cleaning.


Trained painters are necessary for many different avenues of construction and we guarantee our team of qualified professionals can deliver the product needed. From residential painting and finishing to large commercial areas or artisanal, high-end quality finishes we are able to tackle the job at hand. We are well trained in working with elevated platforms and professional paint-spraying tools to increase productivity and the efficiency of any project. We take pride in learning and mastering new skills so we can add innovation and sustainability to our work. We also endeavour to use greener, eco-friendly materials whenever possible so as to contribute to a healthier future for all.


New flooring, trim and doors, windows and casings. The finished product needs to leave our clients satisfied and that’s what we aim to deliver. We are recognized for our attention to detail and our commitment to quality finishing. Our experience in many aspects of building and construction help us to understand and deliver on the needs of each unique project.


Enjoy your lifestyle in an improved home that caters better to your personal needs! Blue Peaks Finishing and Maintenance have worked on and renovated homes for more than 10 years now. No matter the job, we have the same high standards for every one of our projects! These include finishing a project on time and on budget, while we maintain an unwavering commitment to detail and finishes. Whether it is the modernizing of your bathroom or to better utilize your basements ergonomics we are happy to help from conceptualization to completion!


Working with many Century-homes is a unique and exciting experience. Each project offers it’s own unique challenges and we look forward to devising equally unique solutions. If a roof is in need of repair, or a foundation is in need of injection, our specialized sub trades handle each project diligently as if working on their own homes.


Our team of cleaning specialists handle unique cases day to day, from commercial carpet cleaning, to residential window cleaning or construction site cleanups. We have a wide variety of services to guarantee we are able to help the client with their individual needs.